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How can you tell if a shy guy is not interested?

What is the difference in behaviors between a shy guy being interested and a shy guy not being interested? If he's shy he might act differently than the average guy, but how do I know if he's shy or just not interested? There's a guy I want to get to know, but I don't want to push it if I found out he's not interested in the beginning.

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    He asks you out on a date...

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    Okay, being a shy guy myself, i think i can help. Just start a conversation with him one day, not an awkward one, just ask him for help in a class or something. If you two do anything together (sport, class together, etc...) then talk to him about that activity. No matter what he will answer and will talk to you but don't get too worried if he gives one word answers. That doesn't necessarily mean he in uninterested, its just because he is shy. Some signs that show he is interested are as follows:

    -He will constantly try to see you like make it his goal to walk by you in the halls. Simple things like that

    -He may smile at you and if you see him he will quickly look away or blush

    -He also may try to do something to get you to notice him.

    If he a shy person he will walk with his head always down, doesn't have many friends but may have a couple really close friends. He will most likely look like a "loner"

    Just go for it and talk with him. There's nothing you can lose from this

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