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how do you lose belly fat ?

im planning on going to the gym , but i only want to lose belly fat , I dont want to be super skinny . my belly is fine but I want it to be FLAT . so will going to the gym work? plus im not stretchable at all , seriously I cant touch my toes or anything , is there stuff in the gym that helps in that area? btw im 15 , && should I be going to the gym every single day ? , & diet plans ?

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    I always say this - DON'T think "crunches and sit ups" . they may actually cause you to have a bigger stomach as you build up muscle through doing them.

    FAT IS NOT TURNED TO MUSCLE. so you tend to build muscle beneath the layer of fat on your tummy and it may appear larger than before.


    just do running/jogging/biking/swimming/skipping

    (bear in mind that you have to change your workout routine after a while, because if you don't you will keep on using the same muscle groups and will build muscle instead of burning fat; therefore your workouts should be challenging - like different lengths of time and different intensities and try to do varied exercises to engage all muscle groups)

    But if you combine as you said CARDIO and then sit ups you should be on your way to a toned stomach! :-) It's only useless if you just do sit ups, no cardio. You can't build a house on an uneven ground - you need to flatten it up first and then start working on the building. - It's just the same with your stomach - you firstly need to burn the fat and once you get rid of it, then you can start working on their definition/ tone.

    Try HULA HOOPING - 'the cardio for abdominals'!!

    it's not that hard to learn and it burns lots using all different abdominal muscles

    The results can be better than you believe - do it for just 10 minutes a day and you can lose as much as 100 calories. And this will mean that you can shed up to 2 inches from the waist in just 30 days.

    or try "belly waving"

    Youtube thumbnail

    it aids the intestines to move food in your body - speeding up metabolism


    substitute - walk or bike instead of taking a car/bus

    take the stairs instead of a lift - run up

    take the longer path instead short cut

    take with you additional weight like books or a big bottle of water

    water - drink at least 2 litres of it /day. It prevents dehydration therefeore water isn't stored in your body (bloating stomach and places around ankles and all that lot), + it detoxifines the body and therefore helps to speed up metabolism

    a natural way is also green tea - it boosts up metabolism in a natural way (5-6 cups a day burns off additional 70-80 calories)

    eat plenty of fibre rich foods as they aid the movement of your intestines therefore speed up metabolism

    and last but not least - a healthy balanced diet. lean protein, fruit, veggies- at least 5 a day (keep doc away), fish, nuts; also ditch snacks like sweets, chocolate, haribo, marshmallows, ice-cream, chips, crisps, fried foods, sodas, fizzy drinks, don't eat take aways, avoid high salt foods,

    small portions, but eat 6 times a day and you'll be fine

    And as to the duration - it really depends on the person and how much effort you're willing to put in. Just remember though - the longer it takes the longer it's likely to last :-)

    Source(s): PE - Personal Experience, i'm also a part time fitness instructor
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    I am sorry but it is impossible to do "target reduction", that is just losing fat in one area. Our bodies simply do not work that way. Your best bet is to do HIIT (high intensity interval training), core workouts like Pilates and yoga, aswell as lifting weights. If you get toned muscles you will not look "skinny" rather you will look healthy and athletic. You may never get rid of all of the belly fat, it may just be genetic, but don't despair since you are only 15 you may grow into your body better in the next few years.

    Source(s): This person had the same question as you a good discussion went down:
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    So many answers... dude you're very young. Don't say that "I am a student so I don't get time for anything". You have all the time. Eat whatever you want to. Just go outside in evening and play some outdoor games. Specially Football, Badminton, Cricket etc etc. Play as much as you can. Play football daily for an hour or two and you'll see the changes.

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    try situps and mason twist dont go overboard with exercise though

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