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How can I guy show he wants to be with a girl? (Males Only)?

My boyfriend and I have been going out for a few weeks and it seems as if he doesn't want to be with me. He goes M.I.A. for days and only responds to my texts if I say we should break up. He works a lot so I don't factor that in. I keep telling him to show me he wants to be with me and he asks how. I just want him to show me and stop playing games..What can he do?

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    Surprise and unpredictability is a man's key to romance :)

    We may be hard at work all/most of the time and just can't show it, but then, one day, you'll come home to a spotless house, a bouquet of roses and a candlelit dinner.

    Talk to each-other about your feelings, not just via. text messaging, and go out on trips and adventures together to relight that spark that first brought you two together

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    Sorry to be cold, but if he's acting that way after only 4 weeks, then I question what lead you two to start dating in the first place. My guess is that he's interested in someone else. One way to find out is to just stop texting or calling him cold turkey. If he doesn't respond, then it's over and you should move on.

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