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How many calories...?

I'm a 14 year old girl. Im a little over 5'6 and i weigh 100 pounds. And I wanna get to 90. I think my thighs are really fat. So anyway, I started eatin less and less, and now I can't eat no matter what. My mind won't let me. I eat about 200 calories a day. Is that really bad? How much should I eat? And as long as I take daily vitamins, (their only 15 calories) will I stay healthy? I don't wanna get sick..but I CANT stop. Everything is messed up. I hate food. I constantly add my calories..and I really don't eat any solid meals. Just a couple little things. Please help?

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    Starting bumping gradually your calorie intake to a healthy level. Having too much of a calorie deficit is gonna make your body hold on to the fat in the long run. Do this gradually by increasing your food consumption. Around 2000 calories daily should be perfect for your height / size / age. BTW, 100 pounds at 5'6 isnt fat at all :)

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    There's really nothing healthy about weighing 90 pounds, or even 100 at need to gain a few it sounds like. You must be afraid to eat much food. Eating won't make you gain weight unless you eat too many calories over your daily maintenance. Try working on eating more, not less. Men like their women with a bit of meat, not super stick thin ;)

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    Being 5'6" that would mean your underweight. Eating anything under 1000 calories is unhealthy. Anything under 500 is even worse. Tone your thighs by leg exercises not by starving yourself. You should weigh more than 100 pounds. You actually need to gain 10+ pounds.

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    So.... What you're doing isn't healthy, and I'm not going to lecture you, but there are better ways to lose weight

    You should get an account and message me - "ponypigtialgirl" (yeah, I know it's spelled wrong)

    It's a great site.

    btw, if you starve your body it will "eat" your muscle instead of your fat, and you'll only lose muscle because it contains more calories. So there are certain things you can do to prevent that from happening, then you'll look toned and skinny :)

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