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DOES HE LIKE ME?! please answer!?

hi :)

im in 8th grade and theres this guy thats just amazinggg and i like him so much.

i think he likes me back but im not 100% sure.

i always catch him staring at me

he tries to get me to notice him

he talks to me everyday with jokes hahah

and we ever wear the same shirt sometimes! (not planned) like yesterday. and hes like, "faith, why did you copy my shirt i bet you went to my house and stole it! and im like "i bet you stole mine!" and then he said: "yours wouldnt even fit me, it would be like a muscle shirt, id be bustin out in it!!!" and then he turned back at his friends and laughed.

sometimes i feel like hes trying to make me jelous by talking about other girls ?

DOES HE LKE ME!?!?!?! :)

ive likes him for a year now and i want to go out with him soo bad! but im not asking cuz im thr girl! how can i give him the hint that i want a bf?

thanks soooooo much <3

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    Well I can tell you that from what you said with the staring at you and the talking to other girls that he does like you. He's making you jealous like you said so he gets your attention etc. So one way is just to go with his game, may be act jealous a bit and try to make him jealous. I think if you both go along with the 'game' then mat be he'll ask you out or one day it will just hit that you should just walk up to him?. I did this once with a girl, I thought right ill go ask her out at lunch and purposely that made me think do I really like her and if you do then make yourself SO sad/low so that you can't go any lower if he doesn't like you as much.

    But also if he plays these games with you then he DOES like you.

    Good luck. And I hope your life turned out way better than mine did. :)

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