Why do guys say they like fat/curvy girl than say eww you're fat?!?

Okay so "most" guys are always like i'd rather have a curvy/fat girl than a skinny girl! Than when it comes so a curvy/fat girl liking them they say Eww you're fat. And when they see a skinny girl that's pretty they're like DAMN! And when the skinny girl likes them they say eww i'd rather be with a Curvy/fat girl! I mean im not fat at all but my best friend is hefty and she has been through so much? WHY do they do this! (not all of them do)

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    9 years ago
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    Guys do that all the time. Same with "I don't care what size boobs", and then they drool all over freakishly large breasts. It's a guy thing. Not all are like this, but most.

  • lady
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    9 years ago

    Well everyone has their favorite body type. The media likes them really skinny. Think Kate middleton. Most real men like women that are Curvy. Some kind if blobs with defined hips. Hourglass. The thing is even hefty girls have their fans. A lot of men simply do not know what turns them on.

  • 4 years ago

    - i might like somebody your length. i like athletic builds, so guts tend to be a turnoff. do no longer enable what others say get to you. - all human beings has diverse tastes. no longer being drawn to those with greater 'meat' as some might positioned it would not make a man or woman shallow. it isn't any diverse than who prefer blondes to brunettes, or vice versa. to illustrate, i'm a wellbeing nut and seem for persons who're the comparable, and for this reason no longer obese. that would not make me shallow. some human beings like women folk/adult men who're on the better area, i'm in simple terms no longer one in all them.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    they want skinny girls with curves:S

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