why am i having l these signs please help?

I got into a car accident in september 12th of 2007 ever since this day i have had headaches and lower back pain and right neck pain.my doctor did a lot of testing and could not find anything wrong now 4 years later i still have all the pain in the three areas that i put in the above sentence why is this please help i have seen specialists to they said every thing was normal need a lot of answers

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  • 9 years ago
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    My best answer is that you are just plain weird.

    ...just kidding. Ask your doctors to look deepr? perhaps they are migraines? or something else is causing them and the doctors are just looking for one specific thing?

  • 9 years ago

    I think I may know what your problem may be, My mum was injured around the neck area and has developed a series of migraines and lower back pains aswell. Were you injured around the neck during your car accident? If so I am sorry my mum has had the same bad luck as you for 16 years... and doctors have no idea...

    The way she copes with it is by taking things slowly that way she reduces the pain. Also she has also found out that being overweight even by a little puts more strain around her back and neck causing the pains to be worse. So she exercises (core especially to reduce strain on back).

    My mum did find one doctor that managed to help a bit with this problem.... so keep trying but see specialists

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