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What characteristics or description would you think of for these names?












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    Isabelle- snob

    Chloe- bimbo

    Mia- quiet

    Zooey- brat

    Emily- plain

    Maddie- athletic

    Jane- elegant

    Kenedie- trailer trash

    Nina- classy

    Gayle- happy

    Sophie- popular

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    Isabelle- The beauty queen. She is gorgeous, tan skin with green eyes and golden brown hair

    Chloe- Kind of heavy set girl, but loves who she is. Shes very passionate about drama. Has Brown hair and Brown eyes.

    Mia- Snobby girl who always gets her way. She is short with dark brown hair and blue eyes.

    Zooey- Happy go lucky girl who is very smart and gets straight A's. Loves photography. She has Blonde hair and Hazel eyes.

    Emily- Cheerleader, but is friends with just about everyone. She is also very religious and attends church whenever she can. She has long very blonde hair and brown eyes

    Maddie- The introvert, doesn't get into any trouble. Most people dont even know shes there, but thats how she likes it. She loves to read and is exceptionally good at writing poetry. She has black hair and dark brown eyes.

    Jane- Girl next door type, but a tomboy. She loves hanging out with her brothers and is the first girl to belong on the schools football team as a running back. She is extremely tall, has green eyes and brown hair.

    Kenedie- Pretty much hates everything and everyone, she feels like nobody understands her. Shes a foster child, but doesn't tell anyone. Shes a loner, has pale skin, blue eyes and red hair.

    Nina- The foreigner. She came over to the states as an exchange student. She does really well in school and is very dedicated to learning French. She has super tan skin, grey eyes, and black hair.

    Gayle- Mature for her age, is the mother figure among her friends. She loves to draw and sing in choir. She has blue eyes and reddish brown hair (more brown with a shade of red)

    Sophie- Very big in drama. Is the lead in almost every play at school, but she is also captain of the girls volleyball team. Shes too busy to really study so her grades are mediocre, but just god enough to skate by. She has a scholarship already to join a great college where she can focus on acting. She has Auburn color hair and brown eyes.

    Hope I helped :)

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