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Can someone tell me how to summon kitsune?

Can someone tell me how to summon kitsune .

I need it very much.

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    Kitsune have several aspects:

    1. Some are the guardians/messengers of Inari and are found at the entrance to every Inari shrine. There are people who say they have had visions of these kitsune--typically after a long period of performing misogi (waterfall austerity).

    2. Some kitsune are tricksters similar to the coyote in Amerindian myths or Leprechauns in Irish myths. When they interact with humans they weigh the person on their own scale and reward or punish as they see fit. These kitsune may also be shape-shifters. It's best to leave them strictly alone. It's said that a kitsune in human form can only talk in partial sentences. The common telephone greeting in Japan, "moshi moshi" is done so that the person can tell you are not a kitsune. The kitsune would only be able to say "moshi".

    3. Some kitsune are just foxes (kitsune being the Japanese word for fox).

    Legend has it that kitsune come and go at their own will. They can't be summoned, and if they could be, you would be in for a bad time. Fox-possession isn't something that you would want to have.

    For more information about kitsune, get the book "The Fox and the Jewel". It's available at Amazon.

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    Go to Inari Taisha.

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