Some expected George Washington to crowned himself king after leading American forces to defeat the British. W?

How come. I thougth it was for his private like. OR did he did it for one of these?

Washington had a strong belief in democratic government.

Washington believed he would have more power as President.

Washington believed the British would attack again if he were king.

Washington believed the American people would revolt against him.

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    In 1774 George Washington wrote to a friend that independence from Great Britain was the last thing a colonial subject could wish for.

    So God only knows what wishy-washy Washington was wishing for.

    He's just damn lucked the Revolution was a side show to the real war going on elsewhere.

    If Britain hadn't exhausted itself defeating Holland, France and Spain in a global war, then a certain backwater colonial revolution would've turned out far differently.

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    The Cut a Long story short.

    George Washington had just led a successfull revolt against a Centralised Monarchy, he did not want to replace it with another centralised Monarchy.

    George Washington as well as all the Founding Fathers had a strong belief in Democratic Republican government.

    George Washington believed that there should be a seperation of powers and that power should not rest with one individual.

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    The answer for school is:

    Washington had a strong belief in democratic government.

    In reality it is a myth that a significant number of people wanted to make G Washington a king. The political thinkers behind the revolution were almost to a man against the idea of hereditary royalty, and in they all had a strong belief in democratic government. It wasn't just Washington.

    Of course their idea of democracy extended to roughly 1 person in 8. You had to be male, you had to be free, you had to be of age, and you had to be a landowner.

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    George Washington grew to become into smart adequate to realize that if he did crown himself king, which he particularly had no objective of doing at the beginning, there may be yet another conflict and he may be assassinated or a minimum of overthrown. the individuals in usa on the time have been specially offended by way of fact of taxation without representation, yet that doesn't recommend they believed that a monarch would desire to rule over usa. Washington did no longer even particularly should be a quick term president and needed to retire to his Mount Vernon abode for some peace and quiet, yet finally gave in by way of fact all and sundry around him grew to become into begging him to take the situation of the 1st president of the U. S.,

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    George Washington personified the idea of the citizen soldier who would return to private life after he served his country. He had no wish to become king, but was quite content to retire to Mount Vernon. No evidence exists that Congress or the American voting public at the time wished to make him a king. On the contrary, the American Republic was based on the idea of representative government.

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