600 Benz -Ross Song lyric meaning?

just wanting to know what it means when he says " I get that work on my face" ? are we talking about the body of the car?


ALSO THE MEANIN OF WALE LAST VERSE " I’m a rare one, camo’s and some rare ones'

What the heck is a camo?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Ross is stuntin' on owners of Asian imported vehicles. Here he boasts of his possession of a flagship European vehicle asserting his preference for luxury cars by expressing his ignorance that a second world country actually makes cars. Most people need some sort of credibility or someone to vouch for them in order to do business But Ross is so well known, he gets work without any pre-requisites other than his face.

    smart wordplay: wale is a “rare one” or unique, meaning they dont make em like him anymore… his rocking camo shorts and some RARE ONES (AIR JORDAN 1s) #wordplay


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