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how can i get better as a goalkeeper and improve my confidence?

I have been told many times, once even by an ex pro and simon smith himself, that i should be at an academy or centre of excellence and i will be looking at a course to improve my chances of being scouted, however i do need to improve my game. I would like to improve on my ability to get down to the floor fast, my explosiveness so i can reach the top corner and i need to know how to communicate with my defense more efficiently and organise them so give them commands. I would also like to know how i can improve my confidence, i need to know this badly because it affects how i go into the game so i question my ability to save and reach the shots, go out to catch the crosses, improving on how i bounce back after a mistake or goal and just in general affecting my true ability, confidence is a must because i have important games coming up and the difference from relegation and staying up can all come down to me but with my current performances and confidence, i wont make much different. I would be very greatful if anyone could help me with this. Thanks!

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    For the explosiveness, really work out your legs. Bench press a lot, do a lot of squats, and bike.

    Knowing how to communicate with your defense is harder. Every single defense is different, therefore, there is no tried-and-true way of communicating with your defense. Just keep working at it. In this field of goalkeeping, the only way to learn is to keep on doing it.

    Confidence is one thing you give yourself. If you can, watch showings of you goalkeeping at your best. If you don't have any, start to make some. If you keep on watching you at your best, however, you will not improve. Only really watch yourself at your best before a game and remember how it felt to get the ball away from the net and give a BOOYA! of triumph.

    I wish you the best of luck!

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    STAY ON YOUR TOES! if u are flat footed, its super hard to dive quickly. to communicate to your defenders (i am one myself, so this is what i picked up from my keeper), always call the balls you are gonna take. make sure they always know where you are when the ball is close so they dont get in your space or so they dont drop off when you arent close enough. if they should be pushed up more, tell 'em, if they need to fall back, tell 'em. basically you gotta say where they need to be cuz you are in position to see the whole field. and before a game, like on the ride there or before warm ups, make sure you have good pump up music. even if u r not into music, its important. and nothing like taylor swift... more like metal or rock. it gets the brain attentive and the heart beating. also, just always remember to enjoy the game. thats a big key to confidence... if you are just there for laughs, its not gonna really matter to you, and ur not gonna try very hard (not saying anything personal, just making a point). but if you are there, doing what you love to do, playing every minute as if it really mattered(which they all do) then you will go far... its not so much as how good you are, but how hard you try and how much you care.

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