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why did this happen? how can i better my grade?

i studied day and night many hours for a math quiz. i'm honors geometry.

i failed the quiz. and my grade is horrible. what do i do?

it went from an A (first quarter) to a D

and dont say "study more" i study a lot, i reveiw after school with my teacher, and i even have a tutor

and i undertsand everything!!! but i dont take tests well!

why did this happen?!

should i drop a level now and go into the normal level 1 class?

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    Fiona- It seems like you are good at math but just not good at taking tests. I would say to not go down to a lower class but instead ask the teacher if you can test in a private room by yourself and see if that helps. If not, just remember to stay calm and instead of focusing on the test being a test instead focus on the problems and work on it as if it were homework. Don't look around at other people, just focus on your paper. Good luck.

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    I suppose it is fundamental to have well grades. Stating the seen, however it is precise. In my barn, if the pupil's grades are deficient, then no suggests. Especially rated suggests, for the reason that you almost always need to take one or 2 days clear of institution (or extra, relying on in which you are going), and in case your grades are well, the instructor is much more likely to be lenient on making up ignored paintings or taking checks early. If using is meddling with finding out and/or determination to institution, then I suppose it is the moms and dads' accountability to both scale down or placed a give up to courses no less than briefly. At the very least larger a train. But, the pupil can consistently lie. Or the moms and dads can. I most often can not say this, however it is effortless to forge a grade card. My enormous factor is: There's now not plenty of cash to be made in horses. You want a measure as a again-up plan. To get a measure, you need to get into university. To get into university, you need to have well grades. It's all approximately environment the child up for luck. Would I ban courses definitely? No - I'd go away that as much as parents.

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    Day and night ? If you don't sleep enough, that'd explain your problem. I'm studying at a university and always stop working in the afternoon before the exam, and I go to bed early.

    It's much more difficult to focus on a test/exam when you're tired. Just try it a few times, you'll see if it helps.

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    This has happened to me numerous times. I understand everything, do great on homework, and somehow end up failing tests/quizzes. I still manage to raise my grade back up, though. You should talk to your teacher, see if you can get extra credit or what you can do to get a better grade on the next quiz/test.

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    maybe it was just not a good day for you.

    were you distracted or unwell?

    we all have bad days. i wouldnt give up yet.

    im sure you will do better on the next one :)

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