How to get contractions going passed due date! 10 pts!?

My friend wants to know if its normal to have contractions that are getting closer together but some are painful then some aren't she just feels like her tummy getting hard and she feels the contractions on her back those are the painful ones but then some aren't painful at all.

She passed her due date it was on Saturday and she doesn't want to have to be induced. They stretched her cervix already and she dilated to almost 3cm. She doesn't want to have to be induced till after Christmas and wants to skip out on pitocin. Her doctor said to try anything to help her with her contractions. What can she do to have a natural labor?

She doesn't have a boyfriend so no sex. She walks a lot and squats. Thanks for any help!



She said they are painful sometimes but not close...she also lost her mucous plug a couple of days ago....

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  • 9 years ago
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    It sounds like those could be "real" contractions. Sounds like early labor to me. I never felt any contractions in my belly-just my lower back. But mine were really painful. My belly would get hard though...

    If she's already dilated to 3cm's and if these contractions are consistant (coming every 7 minutes or less) I would advise her to go to the hospital. They can check her and see how far she's dilated and monitor her contractions. Once you get to 4cm you can be admitted and your likely to have the baby soon.

    And she does not have to have pitocin, that is totally within her rights to refuse.

    And also I lost my mucus plug the day before I had my daughter, So I would say she is close!

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    9 years ago

    It sounds like she might be in early labor. A brisk walk may help keep them going, if this a true labor. Don't let her overdo it though, labor is a marathon and she will need to be well rested. Have her focus on relaxing her muscles when the contractions come.

    If she doesn't want an induction or pitocin, all she has to say is "No, thank you." It's entirely within her rights to refuse.

  • 5 years ago

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