what are omnibus graphic novels?

Are omnibus graphic novel the designers of the novels or are they a type of graphic novel or what? i'm new to graphic novels.

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    Omnibus is more then one volume of a series together. There are both soft and hard cover but not many hard cover a lot of soft cover I have only seen 2 hard cover omnibus series. The highest i have seen in volume wise was 4 volumes in on book the least is 2. One example is Fullmetal Alchemist.

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    An "omnibus" graphic novel is basically multiple volumes combined into one book.

    For example, the Fullmetal Alchemist manga series was originally sold one volume at a time. Now there are "omnibus" versions of the volumes, where one book has the content of three volumes (pic of an omnibus--> ) http://www.justmanga.com/jmcover/FMAMANGAOB02.jpg

  • An omnibus graphic novel would be a large trade paperback or hardcover containing several volumes(not issues) of one series.

    A good example of what an omnibus is would be the hardcover Walking Dead, which each contain several of the softcover versions.

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