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Has Obama been fiscally responsible in terms of his vacations?

Has he shared in the sacrifice as he asked everyone to? Or has he acted like the wealthy person he wants to tax?

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    Intelligent people learn from their mistakes. You my dear can't see that the reason he is President is because people who are undecided see questions like this & they see people are desparate to find fault with him. They see your fear & lack of having anything really bad to say about him.

    The look up how many vacations he had compare it to to others & the see he has actually given a lot. So as a democrat I appreciate your stupidity & willingness to ignore you instints & go against what you really want.

    As you attempt to get what you want & instead help those on the opposing team you are a fool who is being laughed at by the dems. & also being enjoyed by those who are too stupid to see how this backfires on republicans. Yes, he has been very responsible with his vacations.

    He has not asked anyone to not spend money or not go on vacations. That would not be good for the economy he wants us to spend money. He has told us to make sure what we do is of value rather than waste. Republicans don't understand any of this.

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    He's taken ten times the vacations Bush did and at least Bush went to his own ranch. Obama and Michelle spend millions on vacations all over the world.

    The latest vacation is already costing $4 million.

    To answer your question, no, he cares nothing about the economic mess he's caused. He hates Americans and wants them to suffer. He's happy if you lose your home and job as this gives him more power.

    So expect him to continue to spend money like it's water. He's been ordered to do that by his puppet master George Soros. The purpose is to break the economy so Soros can buy the dollar at a giant discount. He's done that to countries all over the world. Notice also that all the companies that got bailouts were heavily invested in by Soros.

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    Actually O has had his share of time off, not that the President of the USA doesn't deserve it, I'm sure the job is a real mind screw. Interestingly: George Bush spent a Christmas in the White House one year so his security staff could have Christmas with their families.

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    He hasn't taken as many as bush did.

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