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Teen Mom Original girls - Why is Farrah so annoying?

Why does she always talk with that monotone voice to her mom, her mom does so much for her and she doesn't even appreciate it.

And read in the papers she's leaving her daughter with her mom for good to study away from home, is that true, that makes even a bigger idiot than I thought.

And why does Maci kid bentley look like her slow boyfriend Kyle, when he ain't the biological father.

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    Lol her voice is annoying. But all the teen mom arent nothing. Mtv needs to makes shows that are worth watching.

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    wow so much hate.

    first Farrahs mom is annoying. I lived with a mom like that and didnt get along with her until I moved out. her mom likes to try and control her whole life.

    second, she didnt leave her with her mom that is SUCH old news. she moved to FL and took Sophia with but occasionally she will take sophia back to stay with her mom for a week or two at a time since her mom was so adamant about having Soph.

    and third, Bentley looks like Maci. not Kyle. and Kyle isnt slow. Bentley is the cutest kid everrrr!!

    stop hating sheesh! theyre normal teens get over it.

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