Should I pledge Delta Sigma Theta?

Well, I'm a sophomore in high school and I have decided to start thinking about my college life ahead of time. I've decided a long time ago that when I finally go to college, I wanted to be in a sorority. Pledging a sorority is not a tradition in my family but just recently my cousin who is now a senior in college pledged Delta Sigma Theta. Another cousin of mine, who is a freshmen in college plans to pledge Delta Sigma Theta also. I feel so lost and out of place because my first thought was that I favored Alpha Kappa Alpha more than Delta Sigma Theta. When I mentioned this to my eldest cousin she became really offended and didn't want me to pledge Alpha Kappa Alpha. I know that I should make my own decisions, and I will at the end of the day; but, I feel like I messing up a newly begun family tradition, because for me this is where it starts, since I have no sisters and my mother nor grandmothers were in sororities during their college days. The reason I planned to pledge a sorority was to learn leadership skills and I feel that both Alpha Kappa Alpha & Delta Sigma Theta are both highly respected and favored sororities, who teach their ladies these skills. I have no real background information on these sororities so links with that would be appreciated. I just really want opinions from anyone out there and it would be even better if you are in a sorority or fraternity, Thanks!

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    I understand that you don't want to create strife with your elder cousins but you need to join the sorority that you feel is best for you. The one that most compliments those ideals that you hold dear. Just because Delta was the best choice for your family members doesn't mean its the best choice for you.

    So really search your heart and see what is in it.

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    If you do not go through "the process" you will be considered paper. (the idea being all you did was sign some papers and bam you're in) Members who are paper do not get the same respect and love as those who crossed the traditional way... "Unfair to the other ladies" eh... like I said if you go the paper way and they don't I don't believe fairness will be an issue. Respect will be. PS> I hope you know a financially active member very well so that they can write you a letter of recommendation. If not, then everything is null and void anyway. That is why I'm not "OO-OOP"ing now. Have a 3.125 GPA, Community Service, Campus Activites, And went overboard with the letters of recommendation! 10 different professors, teachers, supervisiors,etc. Had (non-financial) Deltas BUT none of that mattered. Got my reject letter and it stated that was the reason why. Don't believe me, cool. Just ask around. You know the term... Paper vs Pledge... Ever hear of "skating"... Good luck with your college career!

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