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How to lose weight in order to look attractive?

Hey there.. well, umm.. I'm a girl and i'm 11. I look like i'm at least 13. I weigh 160 pounds, but I look slimmer when you see me and you wouldn't really suspect me to be 160 pounds. But.. I am 160 pounds. I've got all the time in the world to lose weight, but I just can't do it. I have really big thighs in my opinion. I try to have self-confidence because I like this guy who's out of my league. He's older and just really fit and sexy.. kind of a douche, but he's still really nice. I'd like to look good for him. I think I have great facial features and stuff.. but I just gotta lose the blubber. Any tips on diets, works outs, or anything? I'm young, so the sky is the limit. And to lose weight in a few months would be great, If you could mention how many pounds I could lose per month that'd be really helpful! Thanks.


Oh, and I'm 5'7.

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    eat as much as you want as long as its not junk food drink only water and exercise every day push yourself to your limit no weight lifting cause muscle weighs more than fat and you will think your still big i lost 25lbs in one and a half months doing this but the most important thing is and i know your not gonna listen is dont change for a guy change for yourself cause if your looks is what gets him it wont last trust me im a guy

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    Well I'm 13 (male) and i went from 155 pounds to 125 by cutting my intake of fastfood and soda. I feel great. So maybe you should try that. :D

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    dance to the jitter bug

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