How can i lose just a couple lbs?!?

im not exactly fat, but im 5ft5 and i weigh 123 lbs. the only fat on my body is my stomach, and my thighs. everyoe assumes i am skinny because my arms, face, and lower legs are skinny! basically my tummy just has a littile like pouch thing of fat and its really annoying. i just look fat in tight shirts and bikinis. it is the winter, so does anyone have any ideas on how to lose 10 lbs during the winter months? since im 15, i cant like join a gym or anything. but diet and basic exercises? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE (; this means alot

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    9 years ago
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    From the way you describe your stomach you sound just fine. That's exactly how a woman's stomach is supposed to look, not flat. There is no way you look fat in anything.

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