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itchy vagina after fingering?

im 15 and i have never done anything like this it was my first time and it was his first time too... it was 3 days ago and it still hurts and its itchy so iv been scratching it and rubbing it a lil bit...but its not bleeding or anything and i clean well so did he just do it too rough? will this happen every time?

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    Of course it is not right to do it by finger cause our skin carry a kind of bacteria called normal flora and your vagine with different normal flora so bacterial growth happens iside your vaginal tissues and cause an infection and inflammation can be treated by the normal defense mechanism in the body or cannot be so that we use medicine. if you will repeat this you and your partner should use a sterilized clean rubber finger .

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    Maybe his fingers were dirty. It should go away ot wont be like that everytime if done right meaning the objects are clean. Also try and not scratch or itch it will make it worse.

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