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Do women love men massaging their feet?

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I find it attractive when a woman takes good care of her feet. I love feet with well-painted nails, and a toe ring or anklet are nice complementary items as well. I want to find an attractive woman who would appreciate having her feet massaged after a long day walking around in painful high heels, but I'm afraid I might be called a freak or a sicko if I admit this. Are women more open to having their feet massaged than presumed, or is this still taboo?

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    No. adult men ft are diverse, and gross. We (women) take care of our ft more effective, and commonly are smaller and shaped extra curvy. I easily have a ingredient for adult men rubbing my ft, yet i do not opt to the contact theirs lol. I even rub down my friends ft (non sexual) yet my bf's under no circumstances! ha

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    I think it's nice as long as you don't come off creepy about it. You just have to take control and do it, they will think it's a nice gesture that you want to massage them.

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    And your name just happens to be Footland lol ... To answer your question yes ...

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