How to get pictures off of broken laptop?

So I have a Dell Inspiron laptop, and it's partially broken; let me explain. You can boot it up, and SOMETIMES it will get to the login screen for the different user accounts, but once you click on a user and wait for it to load, it shows a blue screen with a bunch of error messages in white words and then tries to restart again. It just keeps on repeating and the issue isn't resolved. I've tried re-installing the original system software, using back-up discs, letting the computer try and fix itself by letting it run it's system resolving things or whatever. Nothing works. Please, is there anything I could do to at least just get my pictures off of it? I have a new laptop now, and all I want from my old one is my thousands of pictures; I cannot bear to lose them. Thank you so much for helping!

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    9 years ago
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    If you only want your picture then it is easy to go.

    Just open the laptops by screw drivers.

    Put off your hard disk and make it portable using external adapter (AC-DC transformer) and a USB converter cable. All these things are available at computer accessories' shop. Just copy-paste your data as you do from and to USB drive.

    Happy data recovery.

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