Really long, vivid dream, not sure what it means?

My best friend was having a party at my house at first and a few people like the guy I like, me, my ex, his girlfriend, my best friend, and one other person was there. Someone offered us two different drinks one was orange juice and the other was vomit I almost puked myself at the thought of drinking vomit so we ended up getting orange juice. So we were at my table and I was planking on the guy I like and he was laughing his *** off and my best friend remembered she left her boyfriend at school so she was like I have to go get him! So she left and I went into my sisters room and these two people who I'm not really friends with were in there giggling and I was like why aren't you guys out there and they just kept laughing so I went back out and everybody was gone so I just left my house and I was at this really big house and in my head It was one of my close friends house but it looked nothing like her house and I was waiting outside for my best friend and she finally came and I guess her boyfriend was with her but I didn't really see him and we walked inside and her party was here and there were a bunch of people there who she didn't invite, and she were pissy and we were Walking around and I saw this guy who looked like an John Hamm off of mad men and I asked him if he was and hr was like no and started asking me about the show and I was like I've never seen it I just have heard about it and seen John Hamm on Saturday night live. And he laughed and starting hitting on me and he was like I wanna have sex with you and it flipped me out so my best friend and me ran upstairs and sat on a big bed with a big tv in front of it and he walked up and he was like go on ondemand and find a good movie for me to make love to you two with and he disappeared and for some reason she turned the TV on and started looking for something to watch and there was a lot of like zoo movies and I was like I wanna watch a scary movie and she refused and she clicked on something and it said it could take us to the north pole and we would be able to see the northern lights and I was like we gotta go! And she said it wasn't real so I let it go..... but than I woke up

I dunno I feel like it has to mean something because it was so vivid, if you dont have a serious answet please don't answer I just wanna know ideas of what this might mean, Thanks :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    It could infer that others around you are heading towards a new future but you still want the excitement and fun of what you have always done and the thought of having to be more adult-like is turning your head towards other things that are still bright and colourful and not like some dark and mysterious mature way of doing things.

    Basically, it means you are still distracted by childhood ways and are not yet ready to do things that older teenagers are starting to do.

  • 4 years ago

    *The birds are flapping because there's a superb disaster it rather is about to ensue. *You considered them one of those large quantity of because the disaster is at a global scale. *The birds represents human beings yet to boot purely birds because the disaster impacts the birds and individuals alike. *Jesus is on your dream because He perceive Himself with all Christians global (Acts 26:14). *You cornered Him in spite of the undeniable fact that it replaced into no longer Him that you cornered, it replaced into the Christianity, fullyyt. He replaced into there to represent them. *0.5-hour is representing a second of sever sobriety and consternation. also, it represents a rushing time. The disaster is completely not late. This replaced right into a message to be deciphered. God needed you to carry close you may end scuffling with Him purely as He needed Saul to end (Acts 26:14). * Your disobedience has a cost and that is lack of life. * Your dreamed the conflict in Afghanistan to carry close that the activities on your dream are actual and could take position. the in easy words replace you may make is to no longer take lively section in them, repent and be kept in Jesus call. Revelation 13:7 also explains that those activities will take position. you purely had a prophetic dream it rather is prevalent interior the Bible.

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    9 years ago

    Be blessed for getting a good night's sleep.

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