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i eat so unhealthy yet i've lost 2 dress sizes..?

I know it's not healthy and i haven't done it intentionally, however because i work 2 jobs and go to college i don't have time to cook a proper meal, or have time to eat with my parents, i tend to grab something quickly and it's usually unhealthy, yet i've gone from a UK size 10 down to a UK size 6 since around september/october,..

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    Do you stress? Sometimes that can be the cause also if you have a job where you do physical work that can be snother reason

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    human beings attain limits so a ways as weight-loss is going -- and you have gotten reached yours. and you particularly ought to devour plenty extra energy than you burn -- your physique ought to alright be going into starvation mode. in case you're burning 1300-1500 energy consistent with day on the well-being midsection such as you're saying you're, which potential in finished, with your BMR, you're burning around 3000 energy consistent with day and in basic terms taking in seven hundred-one thousand. that may not sufficient almost sufficient energy, and your physique is likely keeping directly to each calorie which you devour. you would be eating a minimum of 2000 energy in case you're actually burning that plenty. And why do you want to be a length 0 besides? A length 0 is rather small and only seems risky.

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    Weight change is calories in minus calories used. If you're eating 400 calories of junk for dinner or 400 calories of nutritional foods, you're going to lose weight.

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    Do you take any study aides like Ritalin? - reduces appetite and gives energy. Be sure you take Vitamins and drink green tea and Pom juice so you don't get sick -- otherwise enjoy your great metabolism while you have it

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    thin people live linger except anorexic ones who tend to die off

    get your body mass index checked and some blood tests

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