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how do you know if your house has fleas?

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    Does your pet have fleas? If so then your house has fleas.

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    Fleas will bite humans, show up as a small red bump. Being bitten for some people can cause a bigger reaction, but normally the bite mark gets no bigger than a pencil eraser. Or flat out look closely. Fleas can be anywhere, but specifically look at any wooden crevice, like corner boards, transition spots from carpet to wood, etc.

    Other thing, check your pets. Best place to look is on their belly's. Roll your dog or cat over and give them a belly rub. rub their hair in the opposite direction it grows. If you see fleas, or see "dirt" on them, then thats your answer.

    To get rid of them... Vacuum like crazy, used a bagged container and put a dryer sheet in there, and do it every day. There is a product used for bed bugs that works on fleas as well. It is non toxic to pets and humans, but expensive. Have to saturate everything linen that you have, clean from top to bottom, and all your wood products in the house. Remove the pets from the home through this process and wash them in something like Joy, use the flea combs, and give them on a treatment program like Advantix.

    Source(s): Had a major investation in a home I had moved into.
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    Run a damp tissue through the fur of the animal you think is bringing the fleas. If tiny red splotches appear on the tissue it probably means your animal has something....

    These little red splotches are caused by fleas.

    If you don't have any animals at home, chances are you don't have fleas.

    If you have been bitten, look for that too

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