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My friend is mad at me for something I said. What should I do?

My friend is mad at me for something I said. I sent her emails why I said it and I'm sorry that I offended her, etc. She's not responding anymore.. We have been friends for 2 (almost 3) years now, and I don't want this friendship to end. What do I do?

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    You have already done your part. You have explained why and you apologized. That should be MORE than enough. If she is too bitter to realize that you are human and you make mistakes, perhaps it is no longer your concern or problem to fix. I'm sure she's said things she shouldn't and done things she shouldn't, or treated someone in a way that she shouldn't, yet she's choosing to hold a heavy grudge against you. Don't hound her with emails and pressure her to talk to you. This is a good chance to test her to see how much she really cares for the friendship. If she cares for it, she'll contact you and talk about it to patch things up. If not, life goes on with or without her.

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    leave her calm for a while an then tell her you didnt mean to say what you said it just came out and you dont want your friendship to end because you've been friends for a long time also its better to tell her that either face-to-face or on the phone

    texting or e-mails cant show you mean what you say

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    Why did you say them if you think of her as a friend? I am guessing that it isn't the first time and she is tired of being your patsy and taking it in the eye. Think about it. Reflect on why you continue with this pattern and if you truly do think of her as a friend or is she just convenient?

  • Like the others said, give her some personal space. If you keep pleading with her, she'll think you're desperate.

    I advise you to talk to her face-to-face and apologize to her. If she doesn't accept your apology, move on.

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    U have already said ur sorry and since she hasnt replied......start hangin out with new people and she will come back to u very soon. Trust me i know frum experience

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    Think back to your last conversation with her. Did you say something you might think twice about? If so, talk to her face-to-face about what you said and apologize if you think you should

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    Leave her alone for now. she might think you're annoying if you keep sending her messages.

    Wait until she responds or talks to you.


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