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Scared of eating so much to build muslce?!?

Hi, im 14 years old, 5'10'' weighing in at 127lbs, i workout regularly and drink protein shakes after each workout. I workout 4-5 times a week, 2 of those being cardio and abs, the others being two different muscle groups, this is just some background information.

Anyway, i was just wondering, people have told me that i look quite defined now it vests ect, and trainers have told me that i need to eat my way big to be big and muscley, but i am so scared to eat alot of food as the fear of getting fat is in my mind.

I eat 5-6 small meals a day, wholemeal bread, pasta, i eat chicken and other lean meats and of course veggies, everyday i count my calories as being around 1,400 a day but dont overeat. So my diet isnt a bad one (unless ive missed out something?).

Im scared that if i eat much more i will just jeprodise all my hard work and training, please help, is this just my brain making me feel bad? Or is it true that eating over what i am now will make me fat? Any tips on what to do?

I do want to look muscular, but please can i get anymore tips? Thank you in advance!!

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    dont get carried away..

    you only need to eat 15- 20 x your body weight from calories..

    1 gram of protein for each pound u weigh

    and lift heavy train hard...

    if u start gaining belly fat.. reduce your calories

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    Putting on fat when you're trying to put on muscle is an unavoidable consequence. The best you can do is up your intake a little bit and then pay close attention to the definition in your abs (since males store fat there most commonly) and notice if their's any change.

    Taking a picture for comparison is always good, but make sure the lighting is the same in different photo's because it can dramatically affect the way you look.

    Btw eating more will not ruin your training, more calories = more muscle.

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    Try eating so that you gain about half a pound a week, or gain 5 or 10 pounds and then maintain till you are happy with your body fat.

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