Annoying guy keeps texting me everyday?

I met him on this online dating site about two weeks ago (I'm 21, he's 23). At first he seemed like a pretty decent guy and we texted and got to know each other for about three days straight, but then I stopped replying to his messages after they became really annoying, frequent (every 2 hours) and a little creepy when he asked "Do u like to cuddle? will u cuddle with me?" and "U think we'll be together forever?" way too soon IMO.

Although I've been ignoring him for a week now and have since moved on to another guy (who's more reasonable), he STILL continues to send messages everyday to both my phone and my inbox on the site where we first met. And it's always the same thing "Hey" (he says this over and over, it's so annoying). I'm afraid there is no nice way to turn this guy down. On one hand I don't wanna hurt his feelings because he's sweet and VERY sensitive, but on the other he is completely annoying and driving me crazy! What should I do?

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    9 years ago
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    tell him to leave u alone simple pls answer mine

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    9 years ago

    Isn't it frustrating when a person can't take a hint? Some people are just slow to catch on. I know it's bugging the heck out of you, but just ignore his texts for one more week. Maybe he'll figure it out by then. If there is a way to block his messages on the site you met, then do that. If after a week he is still texting you, you will just have to tell him to please leave you alone. Do not feel bad about it. He needs to hear the truth.

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    4 years ago

    It relies upon on the girl, i'm able to tell a guy is close with me or sparks interest in the event that they textual content me huge-unfold or another day. as quickly as each week would desire to not be adequate. As least each couple days. the base line is to make actual, trustworthy, and long-ish responses to the issues she needs to talk approximately. compliment her character. tell her how fantastic she is the way she is. Make her experience like she is so significant to you. grow to be her perfect chum first, in a solid way. :) I desire you the perfect of success. do not provide up in this woman :)

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