am I able to use my car radio for a new car that has a different mounting style?

ok so I'm getting a new used car because my old one is a total junker. One of the many concerns I have is the radio, because the car I'm planning on getting does not have the same mounting style as my old car. my old car has a DIN style while the new one I'm looking at is double DIN. Soo, is there a way I can still use my old radio, the radio is pretty special to me btw.

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  • 9 years ago
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    go to wall mart to the car audio area and tell them the yr make and model of your ride and they will sell you an Adaptor plate that closes the hole up to except a single din stereo,follow the instructions.and when your they you should pick up the plug in that wires to the new head units wiring harness and plugs into the wiring harness that you removed the old radio from.the Adaptor plate is about 18 dollars and the plug in is about 9 dollars and it comes with a wiring diagram follow it and cap or tape all connections even the unused ones.hope this helps you out.

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