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how can i get my cats to not fight?

so, i have 3 cats two of them were almost born together so they love each other then my brother brought in a kitty one year later. The oldest cat always hisses and claws at the smallest so what can i do to make them not fight?

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    This answer is simple. Remove the weak link. You may think it's the little kitty that your brother brought you, but you're wrong. The weak link is actually your brother. You see, if he never would have brought that poor pathetic kitten to your doorstep to begin with, you wouldn't be faced with the issue of having to now remove it from your household. However, if you feel that you must keep in contact with your sibling there is an alterative method. Survival of the fittest. Obvious the new kitten isn't "up to snuff" so remove it from civialization. In the context of these terms; your home.

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    When I brought my new cat home they would fight all the time constantly. I asked my vet what i could do and he said to get a squirt bottle and when one starts to fight when squirt it and yell "no" or "stop" because cats hate water they should stop eventually. but its going to take some time it took my cats about a month to learn not to. Now they are best friends. I hope this helps Good Luck(:

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    i would scold the older cat and make sure it knows that it is wrong to hiss at the younger one. you should also try and get the younger one to feel more at home so the older one gets used to it and it won't be as aggressive. the most likely reason it's like this is it's jealous. maybe it thinks you give the new one more attention in ways. just try scolding the older one. good luck! :)

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    u can try a spray bottle

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