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What is the coolest and the dumbest name you've heard for a boarding farm/horse ranch?


BQ::: What do you think is the highest paying job in the horse world? (like riding instructors, breeders, horse camps, boarding, so on so on)

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    coolest; Bit by Bit.

    dumbest; Majestic Horse Center- where i board now haha it's embarrassing tellin people the name of the stable.

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    Dumbest: LOL Stables (really??)

    Coolest: Leg Up Stables (very cute)

    BQ::: I say owing a boarding facility would be the highest paying job. Providing you don't spend a lot of your own money on the barn. There are many self boarding farms in my area. One is an old barn with a good size indoor arena, $250 a month, hay is included. The boarders do everything else. This farm has never had a stall available! All 34 of them! Do the math!

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    Coolest: Broken Wheel Ranch, Fox Run Farm

    Worst: Majestic Horse Center , Kit Kat Farm, Lily and Horses (farm on google in Human York, VA)

    Slash and Ham Horse Center ( friends currently board there)

    Domestic Kittens Ranch ( made it up)

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    I don't know about the coolest, but "Ride-A-Horse" is probably the most unoriginal, boring name I've come across when it came to a horse farm. Fortunately, I don't believe this was the actual name for the place, but it was the advertising name they went by.

    The highest paying job? I would assume that the owners of popular and high-winning race horses rack in the most. Perhaps the trainers or owners of Olympic level horses as well.

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  • Allie
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    9 years ago

    The coolest I think is Emerald hills, the dumbest is Pleasure Quarters. The highest paying horse career would probably be a big-wig vet that does costly (and high risk) operations, like un-flipping a colicky horse's bowel or something like that

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    Coolest? Hmm. I like the name TightFit Stables, which is where I board at. I also like Chillin' M Ranch.

    Dumbest is no doubt, Strugglin' W Stables. I mean, who the heck names a stable "Strugglin' W" I used to board there. I hated it, my horses hated it, and the instructor/other boarders hated me and my horses because I got first place overall at the saddle club, and some of them didn't place. Well, have they stopped to think that if I am running a nice pattern, and they are just LOPING it?

    BQ: I would say a successful horse trainer. They make good money if they are good. Farriers also make TONS of money in my area.

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  • Emura
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    9 years ago

    not sure on the coolest name

    This isn't a horse farm, it is actually a cattle farm but it is call This Let Down Farm. Kind of depressing

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Well... I like our farms' names.

    Seal Stallion Station

    Double J Farms


    Victory Farms (ya know the VF barrel horses?)


    Not sure of any off the top of my head xD

  • Coolest

    whinny horse rescue


    The person above me who said "Majestic Horse Center" Haha!


    Hunter Jumper Trainers

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Acres of Asses...and Justa Mans Farm :)

    Highest paying...depends on what discipline you're training, what breed you're breeding, where your barn for boarding is located...

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