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how can i convince my parents to let me get my tongue pierced?

Im 15, and i want my tongue peirced, how can i convince my parents?

I have my belly button pierced and most of my friends have their tongue's pierced and i think they look nice and now i want mine done. i have watched a few video's and asked my friends if it hurt and they said no. i dont know if my parents are being too over protective and need to let me do things i want to do, how can i convince them?


thanks guys, i dont want it done now :)

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    Oh, please don't do that to yourself. Nothing is worse than having to be a parent bringing their family to a store and having to explain to their children not to point at some random child who has a billion piercings all over their face, or a hole the size of whatever in their ear lobe, because it's not nice to point, stare, laugh, or make a rude gesture (even if you totally agree with your innocent child).

    Over all it doesn't give you cool points, when you speak it will sound like you are suffering from some type of speech impediment, should you decide to remove it one day, when you are all grown up and realize how silly you were as a teenager, you will have a wonderful hole in your tongue that may close up, and should it close up, to the naked eye it will still appear as being there. Besides, any friends that agree you should "totally get one," is not a friend, they are shallow, with low self-esteem, and think this is what it takes to be "cool," that's where my parents would of asked me, if so and so jumps off the bridge are you going to as well? I honestly say, unless you are dreaming of working in some type of tattoo / piercing venue for the rest of you life, don't do to your body, what your future employer will either request you to remove or hide while you are working for their company, or risk the chance of not even being hired because of your personal appearance scaring potential clients/customers away.

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    Don't bother kiddo. You are 15. You are lucky you were even allowed a belly button piercing. My mom wouldn't let me get pierced until I was 18. Tongue piercings do hurt at first and are swollen for the first few days then it heals pretty fast. I honestly wouldn't trust a shop that would even consider piercing the tongue of a minor, since it can insinuate a lot of things that shouldn't apply to minors. It's unethical. I don't know any respectable shop that would pierce a minor on the tongue. The most "risque" they go is the navel. I also don't have a very high opinion of your friends parents who have let their kids get it done. It's just not appropriate for a 15 year old girl in my opinion. I think your mom and dad are pretty set in their belief that you have to wait. Also, I know when I was 15, I would have tried to get a piercing behind their back. Well, you won't be able to hide it too well, and places that do them without consent use dirty or used needles putting you at risk for disease. You can't do it yourself or have a friend do it either, because, it will get infected. So don't bother. You have 3 more years. It really isn't that long. Get it pierced then.

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    Most of my friends do to. I am a 16 yr old. I wouldn't get it done. Its gross and just no. Might look ohkay on people, but I don't want to. sometimes its the not doing something that makes you stand out. I want to keep all my little taste bud buddies in tact haha. i wouldn't do it. thats my advice. looks better without anyway, and saves a lot of time pain and trouble.

  • Come up with a better reason than "most of my friends have them"

    Explain why you want it not just because they look nice.

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    Stop try convincing them..

    Make ur own decision

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    If you have good parents, THEY WOULDN'T.

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    Its ugly. Don't do it

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