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Do cats go missing for weeks and come back?

My male, neutered cat who is 6 years old, has gone missing for 2 weeks now. He has gone missing for the maximum of 4 days before and has gone missing for 2 days etc a couple of times before. We have done all the usual things, e.g, put posters around and through people's doors, called his name to the nearest village, asked neighbours, rang the vets surrounding the area, and rang the council to see if any cats have been knocked over... No sight of him anywhere! He has always been an adventurous cat, and loves hunting, he is also quite a big strong cat, that has chased a dog out of the house before! What do you think has happened to him?

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    Probably hit by a car, eaten by a coyote, killed by a loose dog, poisoned, etc, etc. Odds are you'll never find out what happened to him. Why did you let him free roam like a wild animal? This is exactly what happens. He's not likely "missing" - he's probably DEAD.

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    My cat has run away for an prolonged time until now and he got here living house, there are a number of motives he would desire to have ventured away yet i think of he ran away through fact he tried to get decrease back to you previous living house. I honestly have heard of many cats doing this. So the perfect element you're able to do is attempt to get in touch with the human beings residing on your previous living house and get them to tell you if he comes decrease back. attempt putting up poster and demand him. yet another excuse he would have long gone lacking is that if he had gotten in a combat with yet another cat over that cats territory. He would desire to are starting to be a comfortable injure and is staying away until he thinks it's time to come again living house. Thats what my cat did. additionally you are able to desire to maintain your cat interior for no less than 6 weeks in any different case he will attempt to bypass decrease back living house, in case you probably did not try this it incredibly is maximum in all possibility he has tried to bypass decrease back living house. i'm hoping you kitty comes living house, solid success :)

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    My cat loves to run away for long periods of time too the longest had been 2 and a half weeks but he always comes back. He'll either get hungry or just misses me. I'm sure he will come back if he is known to run off for a couple days at a time.

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    Your cat haves good news and bad news there is many ways he could have been catnapped or ran over but i got a cat and he was gone for 30 days then he returns and he was with a girl cat maybe he found a female cat that he is a male . I Hope i helped..

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    I had a cat go missing for weeks and he came back but then again I had a cat go missing last September and have never found her so its hard to say. I'm sorry and I hope you find your cat :(

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    He could have gotten picked up by someone and kept, Run over by a car, shot by someone. Who knows. I'm sorry he's gone, but I do hope you find him.

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    i have a cat and he goes outside for hours even days so just a btw and your

    not really alon

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    hes out trying to find a mate

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