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My parakeet won't take a bath?

So I've had my parakeet for around 3 months now, and I've tried multiple ways to get him to take a bath, but nothing works. He hides when I try to mist him with water, and won't go in a bird bath (he drank the water). I don't want to mist him since he doesn't like it. Is there any other way to get him to take a bath?

thanks! :)

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    You are right not to mist him if he doesn't like it. That would make it worse. Some domestic birds don't always know what a bath is, he could think is is just a big drink bowl. Sometimes putting a mirror or a favourite toy at the bottom of the bowl helps. You could also try playing with the water with your fingers so it makes splashing noises to get your birds attention and to make it curious. You said your bird is 3 months? Some birds won't bathe until they get their adult plumage. Or maybe it just doesn't want to have a bath. I had a bird who would scream in the middle of winter unless she had a bath. A tiny little bird with steam coming off of her in near freezing conditions, dripping wet while us humans rugged up and shivered. I have had other birds who wouldn't touch water in the middle of summer. Either way, it won't harm your bird if it doesn't have a bath. Just keep giving him the opportunity to have a bath.

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    If your bird doesn't like it, don't force him... Try creative ways like putting veggies in a bowl big enough for the birdie to stretch his wings and add a little bit of lukewarm water. If not, hold him on your finger and open the tap water in your sink a little. Make sure that the thing where the water goes away is open to prevent him from drowning. This is my sun conures favorite way. If none of these work, don't worry... Your bird will find a way he likes on his own.

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    Try putting a shallow bowl of water in his cage and vacuuming. I know it sounds silly, but for some reason a lot of birds seem inclined to take a bath when the vacuum cleaner is running. :-)

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