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how to edit open source programs?

i want to edit an open source program, i am using ubuntu 11.10 if that makes a difference.

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    Open source means all you have to do is open it to be able to edit it. Depending on what programming language or file type (if its in a project form for a editing program) it is for you to be able to open it you need a program that can, most can be opened in notepad though. Plus you also need the knowledge of the language it uses and a compiler if you want to rebuild it.

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    Open source classes are programmed in many different languages. and frequently once you visit the acquire web site they have the binary and source information one after the different in an attempt to edit it basically acquire the source information. Edit the source information in even though editor you elect and then basically get a compiler for that language it is written in and collect it. If the information are .cpp or .c information then they're written in C or C++. For C++, DevC++ is powerful IDE & compiler.

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    9 years ago

    you have to download the source code for the program and edit it using a text editor. then compile it.

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