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Now that the first half of the season is over, it's time to evaluate the top 7?

What do you think of each team at the moment, strengths, weaknesses, improvements, etc

1. Milan 34

2. Juve 34

3. Udinese 32

4. Lazio 30

5. Inter 26

6. Napoli 24

7. Roma 24

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    roma :

    team is getting confident and getting better and better every game , main players are doing great and even the players that weren't playing good before (such as rosi and taddei) are being extraordinary,in short form : IM LOVING IT

    Milan : lacks creativity at midfield , but good strikers

    juventus:cant finish their chances

    udinese : lacks depth in the squad and could use a better playmaker than abdi or pinzi , but doing good atm

    lazio : will drop more pointsnd i dont see them stay at forth for long

    inter : started season really bad but getting better but not there yet

    napoli : horrible defenders and the rest is great

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    9 years ago

    Not suprised at all. The top 6 are defiently the only contenders for the Scudetto

    Milan=They need to improve everything, they are so far the cheapest team. Were given like 6 penalties

    Juve= Cant manage to take more advantage of their opportunities

    Udinese=Idk really. Not the best defence

    Lazio=Have Klose who can score but they give up to many goals

    Inter=Bad Start to the season but there growing but still need more stuff to compete. There strikers have like 3 goals

    Napoli=Not the best defence and at the same time not the greateset midfield

    Roma=So many things wrong. They should have been higher in the rankings because they have a really good goalkeeper.

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    Napoli is too busy with the Champions league, Roma is too shaky, Milan and Juve make me yawn, I like the way inter is improving and coming from behind.

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    9 years ago

    Inter just shooting up there from17 just shows how easy the italian league is

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