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What are the most common zodiac couples you've seen?

I'm trying to think about the ones in my HS but all I know

a lot of "incompatible" signs tend to naturally attract eachother.

Like Sagitarrius and Virgo

leo and scorpio, etc.

And i also see a lot of adjacent signs dating. but hey, anything can work.

My great aunt is an aries and my great uncle is a cancer. They've been together since highschool

and married over 38+ years.

My friend's grandma was a capricorn and her grandpa was an aries, and they werr married for 60 years. Cool huh? (:

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    Aquarius and Leo

    Leo and Leo - 28 years

    Virgo and Sagittarius - 34 years

    Cancer and Sagittarius - 34 years

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    I've been seeing a lot of Sagittarius and Virgo couples lately, like you've mentioned but most of the couples I personally know are fairly very compatible. Cancer and Leo (Mom and dad, 23 years), Aquarius and Libra, Libra and Leo (Grandmother and Grandfather, 46 years), Scorpio and Capricorn (my boyfriend and I), and Capricorn and Virgo, I know a lot of those! I do think it's pretty cool how the most said incompatible couples are successful though. :)

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    My grandpa is a Capricorn and my grandma was a Gemini. She died this year, but yeah, they were together for a long time. Don't know specifically how many years.

    Also my mom is a Leo and my dad is an Aries. I don't know if those signs are incompatible or not, though..

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    To me it quite relies upon on the sign. I even have observed that diverse indicators are plenty greater dissimilar than others. to illustrate the fixed indicators, I even have observed are all rather comparable, even those that are no longer compatible with one yet another, to illustrate say Aquarius and Taurus or Leo and Scorpio. all of them have particular features that in simple terms scream i'm a fixed sign. The Cardinal indicators and Mutable indicators are not as comparable as they are. and that i think of because of the fact they are fixed there are much less variations with those indicators, much less selection with the varieties of folk. like the Mutable indicators are very unfolded and intensely diverse. Like I even have 2 Pisces acquaintances and that they are thoroughly diverse. Aries specifically I even have observed is a very diverse sign. i'm an Aries myself or maybe I even have hardship awareness the sign. i be attentive to a minimum of one Aries who's a drug broking, i be attentive to a minimum of one which is a super genius and a very nerdy physicist form, and then i be attentive to a minimum of one which is a loopy daredevil form. assessment that to assert each and all of the Taurus human beings i be attentive to, all of that are particularly comparable a minimum of in some counsel on the thank you to a minimum of one yet another. The Water indicators specifically are particularly no longer undemanding to pin down and label, they are by potential of a ways the main misunderstood and assorted factor, in simple terms how quite water takes this type of any container it is in. Scorpio is a splash greater straightforward to understand than the different 2, all Scorpios have a minimum of a few issues in elementary, returned it is going returned to the fixed factor. yet to me maximum cancers and Pisces can actually be something below the sunlight, I even have met Cancers that have had actually no longer something in elementary and the comparable with Pisces. So i assume to respond to your question I understand Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius the excellent. And Aries, maximum cancers, and Pisces the least.

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    Same here. I know 3 couples that have conflicted Sun signs:

    Pisces & Sagittarius

    Taurus & Leo

    Cancer & Libra

    All of them are working well.

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    i see arieses, leos, tauruses, and libra.

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