Adapting regular bread recipes for gluten free baking?

A brother of mine, as it turns out, cannot have Gluten. I like baking bread and have dozens of bread recipes. What do I have to do to adapt an existing recipe for use with gluten free flour? Or am I asking the impossible?

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  • 9 years ago
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    make him only corn bread using straight corn meal without the all purpose flour most of us put in our corn bread.

    That is all I have experimented with, as a friend gave me the recipe so she could have "bread" at my house!!

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    4 years ago

    Use Psyllium husk with slightly Tapioca flour for any dish you want to prepare. This would be with out Gluten. additionally use peanut or soya milk as substitute to animal milk. the 1st one may be used as substitute for cereal flour and the 2d for casein loose milk. although you shall not have the skill to get carry of fermentation ( for bakery products) yet those substitutes are the perfect innovations

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