Can I do this when changing power supplies?

Long story short I got a new power supply for my pc.. I was wondering if when I am replacing it, can I plug the thing from the new power supply in before i unplug the rest of the old ones? I know that im supposed to unplug everything and all that, so i think it wouldnt do anthing bad, but for all i know it could ruin my computer.. does anyone know if i could?(if you dont understand what im trying to say)

unplug the one to my hard drive, plug the new one in, then unplug the one to my motherboard, then plug my new one in etc...

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  • 9 years ago
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    As long as the mains power is disconnected you can do it as you like.

    Make sure all the new connectors are in place before connecting to the mains power.

  • Srki
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    9 years ago

    Long story short, just remove power from computer and put new supply. U can't damage anything unless computer is under power

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