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Could you rate this womans parenting?

She beats her kids voilently, she eats like a ******* cow, but slaps her kids if they get so hungry they resort to dog food. She punishes them if they do not maintain 9% BF, although she has like 30%. SHe beats her kids if they par their hair the wrong way. If they try to ask her to stop, they get beat, if they cry, they get beat, if they tell her she is abusive they get beat, if they call the police, she smashes the phone. She punishes them for being sick, even tough the house is a mess and they eat dog food, one kid even brough an egg to our house, AN UNCOOKED, RAW EGG! AND SAID IT WAS HIS DINNER! If they get a C in school, which is acceptable and is a passing grade, they get beat! I told her to stop beating her kids, so she beat me and pushed me into a lamp and I had to pull glass out of my foot, AND SHE IS NOT EVEN MY PARENT! She is in texas but I forgot her adress, so I can't call CPS.

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    If this is true and you know her name and where the kids go to school and their names they can cross reference and find her. Call them!!!

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    If you only know these kids from school, tell your principle. The principle can contact CPS since they have the address.

  • 9 years ago

    How do you know so much about this woman and how she handles her kids? If this is a true statement, then I feel bad for her children.

  • 9 years ago

    You know her name...that's all they need! Call if she is like this!

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