Future career choices??

Im currently ending my GCSE's and ive done quite well it all of them!:D

I took french, art, geography and of course media.

As well as english, maths, double science, RE + PD

Basically i want to base my caeer on media and/or publishing.

I like the sound of journalism, publisher, markerter, sales manager.

If I want to base my career on these jobs, what do I need to do once ive finished my GCSES???

However, theres some part of me that wants to be more of a business woman, although I didnt take business. What do you think I should do after my GCSE's if i decide to take this route.

Finally, if i want to be more of a designer, what route should i take?

thanks for the help

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  • 9 years ago
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    Do you have a job now? if you don't then get a job, then expand while you're keeping these ideas in mind. But you need to start someplace to broaden your network.

    And just make up your mind and be real. What you'd like to do may not be what you end up being good at. So keep it real.

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