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I'm going to take my life tonight.?

I'm not a "troll" I'm a real 16 year old male and today I finally gave up I feel like my life ended a long time ago , I haven't been in school in months , I hate my family . I don't want to "talk" to anyone about it because there simply isn't anything to discuss it's my buisness . Your probably going to hear about this on the news if you live on the east coast of the US..

I live near a intersection, so I plan on stepping out in front of one of the cars as a way out of this cruel world . I plan on doing this at 8p.m.

I'm not writting any kind of goodbye letter to anyone because I have nothing to say, people act as if they care but when it comes down to actually helping me it's all excuses .

I wonder what death would be like? I just want to be at peace and rest , no suffering and pain .. Maybe God can set up a little place for me that's almost as good as Heaven ..

I don't want to hear that things get better or go get help , because things simply don't get better for everyone and I don't want help , the only person that can help me is me and I lost the will .. Your probably wondering why I'm even writting this on here , well idk , just something I felt like doing before tonight .. I won't be able to post additional comments because I'm on my iPod mobile YA . So goodbye strangers .

P.S. I'm very aware of what I'm about to do, I'm not in some kind of mental state.

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    Somehow, I think you're just doing this for attention. "The wise delight in counsel but a fool despises knowledge" if you think you can't gain anything by accepting advice or assistance from others then people wont want to help you because it will make them think that its pointless.

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    I dont know if this answer will get through to you or not, or whether you read it.

    However by asking this question, you are obviously asking for help. People who do kill themselvs keep it completely secret, they hide everything. You on the other hand, you are either asking for sympathy or help, or possibly both.

    There's not much we can do to change the way you feel, it's all down to you and choices you make in life. You are only 16, far too young. Even though you can't see it, but the life is there, you have a whole life ahead of you. And yes something good will happen, you just don't believe it. If you stay alive tonight, it goes to show that you have made it.

    When I was 15, I'm 21 now. I had an awful time at School, I was constantly bullied and tormented everyday. I had no friends, no one to talk to and no one to understand. I also have dyslexia and APD, so everyone just thought I was retarded. Nothing went right for me and I failed in some of my subjects too.

    And I promise you that life does get better A's you get older. A's you get older you have more freedom, there's no one to control you.

    I'm 21 now and in University, and at the minute it's Christmas, my sister passed away last Christmas, so it's really hard and feels weird. And top of that I have a stupid Essay, and because I can't write, read well, etc it's impossible for me. It's ruining my Christmas. I'm really stressed, so stressed that I've not had any sleep, and being sick every night.

    But I know, things will change. Unfoutunately we all go through difficault phrases, you can't really avoid them. But just learn from them. And learning is good.

    Sorry about your life, no one said it was easy. And it's probably twice as hard for other people around the world. Especially in Less economically developed countries where women are forced into prostitution just to feed their children.

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    If you are serious, you better hope like heck that you will die when you step out in front of a car. You could end up paralyzed with a breathing tube and pooping your diapers that somebody will have to change and just laying in a bed for the rest of your life. If that should happen then you won't have the choice to take your life cause you won't be able to move. That might be worse than dying. It would be better just to stick it out. 16 years is not that long to and I doubt you are out living on your own so how can you possibly make the decision that things won't get better. When I hear somebody say they want to commit suicide I'm not that sympathetic because I think it's their choice, but the reasoning is always flawed.

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    All teens have had this feeling. However, they shouldn't take action they should sit down take a deep breath and just be good. I advise you as a Doctor that you should get help but you said I can't. I'd say don't do it and be thankful you even have a family and the legs to walk into an intersection bu you said I can't do that either so all I will say is

    If you are going to take your life and try to kill yourself you better do it right because if you don't you are going to suffer and have a long time to think about your actions in the hospital and then will be sent to mental therapy but then again maybe all this could be good for you.

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  • Leo
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    A lot of people around me including friends and acquaintances have committed suicide recently It never attracts media attention, It's rather the opposite. I'm on the East Coast but I highly doubt I'll hear about it when it happens. Plus you could put another persons life in danger. What if they get involuntary manslaughter charges becuase of you and have to go to prison? Thoughts of suicide are like a plague on the mind. Your right. You are the only person who can help yourself and if you feel this is what you wish to do then the only thing I know to say is this world lost a good person. Peace be with you brother.

  • lisa m
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    Sounds like you are really sad. I don't know of many things to tell you except what you're going through right now is a test and it's very important that you pass this particular test. People who commit suicide don't get to go to Heaven and Eternity is a long long time to spend in Hell. If you think life sucks right now, just wait till about 10 seconds after you step in front of that car--that's about how long it'll take Satan's clean up crew to get to the scene. Heed this warning. Change your mind.

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    It always upsets me to a degree how people comment on the things that are written on these sights. If you are on this sight surly you have had some thought or inclination around this subject.

    Dont critisise people who are on here talking......stop judging how someone else thinks or what they feel this is unique to them you opinion is only that are you a psychologist?? no so be kind and supportive.

    I understand you dont want to talk to anyone as you feel this will do no good. May I say not all people who kill themselves keep it to themselves either. i am 58 and feel the same and I have thought this and attempted this when I was younger. Believe it or not I am glad I didnt succeed so my friend please dont do this for is not the answer.

    Yes you have guessed it talk to me..............and the folk on this sight who are really non judgemental and who will be here to listen and support you

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    Sorry, but this is absolutely stupid! You are sixteen, and believe it or not, it does get better. I had a really ****** up childhood and some teenage years and I still do, but I have so much to look forward for, the goals I have set up for myself. But you are right, you are the only one that can change your mind and if you can't do that, then sadly, be prepare to take responsibility for your actions. Good luck with your life

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    This isn't a question. But, I guess my answer would be: It's ridiculous to think you've seen the worst of life at age 16. You sound like any other teenager and I hope you don't die. But hopefully the car will break your legs so you can sit and think about it for a while. good luck.

  • Anonymous
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    Seriously dude, I cant make you do anything and I can't certainly understand what your feeling right now but I'm going to tell you one quote that has, and could possibly help.

    "Death is a solution to a temporary problem" So are you really going to take your life, when there are many solutions that don't involve killing yourself?

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