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How Can I Accept Payments On eBay?

My paypal account got limited for retarded reasons so im looking for a way to accept payments when i sell something without having to use PayPal... any ideas? is that even possible?

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    Whose retardation your's or theirs because they are very strict and therefore why many people are ONLY gonna' pay you through them.

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    Here is eBay's list of accepted payment methods:

    "You'll be offered payment options when you list your item. Payment options for most listings include:





    Merchant credit card

    Payment upon pickup


    Payment by personal check, cashier's check, bank-to-bank transfers, or money order isn't allowed for most eBay purchases."

    I copied this from eBay's own help page on this subject:

    I have never used any of these other services, but I am pretty sure that their use is rather small compared to PayPal. Even having your own merchant account won't help a lot since so many eBay buyers just want to use PayPal, especially since it provides so much more buyer protection.

    Regarding checks, you can't. At least not for most of the things people sell on eBay. You can't ASK for payment via check, but there is a little loophole where you aren't restricted from ACCEPTING checks IF the buyer asks you if you accept checks.

    Hope this helps.

    Source(s): Me...I've been a seller on eBay for WELL over 10 years
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    There is probably not another solution to having money put automatically into your bank account or through credit cards like PayPal, but you can always have them pay by check or money order. You may consider holding the item until the money clears the bank to verify the check or money order is legitimate.

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    you can accept online payments with paypal. it can save time, money, and increase your sales.

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