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What do do about a girl from a psych ward? (Yep...I know. Actually if I knew, I wouldn't be on Yahoo answers?

I'm 16. Well, I was thrown into a mental hospital for symptoms of Bipolar disorder and severe depression, and was there for a over a week. Now I have more life changing stories and adventures to tell, but I'm going to get to the gist of it; I don't have any friends and have problems with girls, but this girl that was in there was the first girl that I ever really loved.

She used to be a prostitute and lived on the street ,but was the best person i've ever known. I realize that I'll forget about all of this when I'm older and that microcosm of a place wasn't "real," and that I wasn't supposed to make any friends, but I really need closure. There was electricity when we touched; that's never happened with anyone with me before, and was the nicest, most heartfelt person i've ever met. She really made an impression on me and she was taken in the middle of the day by social workers and never came back. I know the home that she lives at,(not that I plan on stalking her) but I really just need closure because I haven't been able to stop thinking about her since I got out. What do you thinks the best course of action? Thanks.

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    Do something about it!

    Tell her how you feel; just be honest.

    Nothing will happen unless you try. And the worst she could say is no, right?

    Sorry if I wasn't of any help at all, but I'd really advise you to take this into account.

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