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where to buy great goldfish?

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    I have always found that the best place to buy awesome fish is at the smaller local pet stores that aren't owned by a big chain like Pet Smart or other big companies like that. To them its more about selling as many as they can than it is about the quality. (I'm not saying don't go there just be wary about what your buying. Check for dead fish in the tank and all that.)

    The small stores care more about what they are selling and are often much more knowledgable about any questions you have to ask.

    But, you should shop around at some local stores and see if there is any particular fish you just have to have.

    Happy Hunting :)

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    DandyOrandas is a great website where you can get high quality fish, There are also many other websites that sell fish. If you have a Petco or a Petsmart you can goldfish there too but are not as great quality. Walmart sell goldfish too but after seeing videos and reading reviews, do not purchase your fish there, they are treated badly, over crowded and will die very soon!

    Just what I have read, not all Walmarts are like this, some are in good condition.

    **this does not mean all walmarts treat fish like this, you can read reviews and watch videos and decide yourself whether you want to buy fish wherever then

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    A good place t buy a goldfish is either Petsmasrt or Petco. I got one there before and it stayed alive for about 2-3 months.

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