Should I break up with my boyfriend?

Two weeks ago my boyfriend of two years was suppose to be going over to a friends house but someone was suppose to be there that he didn't want to talk to so he wasn't suppose to stay there long. When I woke up he had just got home, and usually he will tell me what went on, like if they watched a movie he will talk about it, or something he didn't tell me anything about what happened that night. I know I shouldn't have but I was curious and had a funny feeling something was up because of the way he was acting so I checked his text messages and he had none from his friend he was suppose to be hanging out with or any suspicious messages. But later on that day he had nothing to do with me and every time I got around him and he was texting he would hurry and exit out of the message or try to type it faster. So I checked again that night, and there was text messages from an ex of his and I found out apparently he met her at the bar that night, and he was calling her sweetie and stuff, then there was also a message from another one of his ex's, he was complaining about me to her and saying he wished he was with her, and he was telling her stuff that I never even said. Yesterday when he got off the computer he left his email logged in, and I noticed he had an email from himself, which didn't make sense to me, I opened it and there nude pictures of one of his ex's he was talking to, I went down and noticed another email which had the other ex's last name in it, and some attachments, I opened that message and found nude pictures of her too. I don't know what to do, should I break up with him or am I over exaggerating, I want to say something to him but I'm not good at coming out with that kind of stuff. He did this to me before for a long time when we first started dating and I was stupid enough to give him another chance. He still acts like he cares for me so why does he also apparently want these other girls, that isn't him caring for me. I have also tried to break up with him a few times because of this or other reasons and every time I do he tells me if I leave him I have to pay him over $1000 because he has helped me with the bills and everything and "I haven't gave him anything" which I have done a lot for him, and he says he isn't getting anything out of helping me. What should I do? Please help!

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    9 years ago
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    Yes, you should dump him, if he's saying he wants to be with someone else and next time please use paragraphs... this was painful to read.

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