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I'm depressed; why does God hate me?

I have no friend, I'm failing my classes and I hate my life. I've been thinking about suicide, but am undecided.... mainly because I don't want to ruin Xmas for my family. Why does life suck so much?

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    Thank god I saw your answer because I went through the same exact thing as you. God doesn't hate you. Someone told me when all these things happen in your life it's a sign that god is asking you to be closer to him...meaning talk to him whenever you have a problem...that means praying to him all the time. Other people have that problem too.

  • lisa m
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    God doesn't hate you at all. You are depressed and thinking the whole world is against you--including God--is a symptom of your malady. Life is tough sometimes but take it from a true believer, God isn't against you at all. You may notice He isn't screaming in your ear. Just go get by yourself and start talking to Him and ask for some help. Then be very still and listen. He's right there waiting and that's no lie.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    yes this is a very hard one. Ive seen many cases like this, and unfortunately there are really no definite answers to these situations.

    But anyways, please try not to take whatever you might have for granted.

    also, suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem.

    Im guessing you are still young, and you have the power in yourself to change things around.

    I dont know your specific situation, but you have your whole life to make your life better.

    Also, dont be afraid to seek help. You are probably just a kid, and kids arent expected to be able to face all of the world's problems all on their own.

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