Limo credit card charges dispute?

I reserve a limo to drive me to the airport. American express website picked the limo service company for me. I normally pay in cash when it comes to transportation especially I want to give the driver tips. American express gave me an invoice of $105 so I put aside $115 to give to the driver. The driver drove me to the airport with great service and I gave him the money. I didn't bother to ask for receipt because the invoice is good enough to present to my company for reimbursement. Plus all the limo company I work with accepts cash without problems. 2 months later I found that the limo company charge my credit card $123 for the service they provided. I was outraged so I called the limo company to get explanation. They said the driver denied accepting any money and never recognized me at all. Of course who will. So I called my credit card company and told them not to pay the limo company as I pay in cash. On top of that, me and the driver had an understanding to have him paid in cash. So of course after a week of dispute with credit card company, the limo company wants to talk to me and see if they can work something out. I dont want to deal with them because I know it will be a pain. So my question is, should I ignore the limo company and let the credit card company deal with them? Or should I entertain the limo company and talk something out? If you are in my position what will you do? Also, will they file a lawsuits against me? If so, what charges so I could come back at them...

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  • ken k
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    9 years ago
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    amex has always worked it out for me/always get reciept/never tip on the card is just me/i give the person cash and never had a problem/but do it your way

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    In that case it would be best to deal with the limo company first if they are willing to talk with (as they should be). The truth will prevail but you have to stick to your guns and be professional about. It would be more of a pain and take longer dealing with the credit card company...of course it may come to that but here goes trying. Stand your ground and be genuine in what you say and how you say it. Tell them you would be glad to speak with them and the driver to sort it out. That should bluff out the driver to come clean.

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