What should my characters wear?

In my story, my characters live in another universe where they live in villages and have battles and stuff. But I don't exactly know what they should wear. I don't want them to seem stone-age because it's set nowadays, but they know nothing about Humans and Earth. Should I use things we usually wear in these times like leggings and skinny jeans or Any other ideas?

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    9 years ago
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    I don't think you should do anything trendy. (Like leggins and skinny jeans) Only because when those styles wear out, your book will seem quite strange. For instance, if someone wrote a book in the 80's and had everyone wear big hair and red Michael Jackson jackets. That would be ok for the 80's, but ridiculous now.

    I think you should invent something really out of the ordinary, or leave that part of the story up to the reader's imagination. I hope that helps :-)

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    I assume since they have no connection to Earth, that by 'nowadays' you mean they have technology equivalent to ours?

    They shouldn't be wearing anything common on Earth. If they're humanoid, they probably have pants and things, but they shouldn't have 'jeans' straight up. Make up a new name for jeans, describe them differently. I recommend also going back through your world-building process. If you have any sort of history for this race, how did clothes develop through the ages? Just the last century?

    You can remember that clothes were originally (this is in the cave man days) meant for protection. If there isn't any PRACTICAL REASON for clothes to have been invented, maybe they are this 'new thing' someone made last year that's become a fad.

    But basically, you have three options.

    1) Go way into your imagination, your world building, and figure out what your characters would logically wear, in terms of practicality and vanity.

    2) Give them all fancy super suits that are apart of their bodies with built in every things.

    3) Make every single one of them naked. If there's no point in them having clothes, why bother?

    Hope this was humorous and helpful :)


    Source(s): Professional writer (in progress :P) But sereiously, I write A LOT.
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    Be creative. Of course, keep in mind that they aren't from our universe, but that doesn't stop you from being influenced by today's culture and whatnot. Be sure to be original, though.

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    Is it important to the story?

    If not, leave it out.

    Let them run around naked. Most aliens do anyway.

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